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Facebow fantasy

Kelly was, in John's eyes, the closest to female perfection he'd ever seen. If he could have described in words his particular physical ideal in a female form, he would have described Kelly. She was petite at 5' 2" and slender. Her breasts, he could discern from the line of her tightly-fitted blouse, were on the small side-B-cups, he had thought, and stood out proud and firm. Her legs were smooth, tan and muscular; her golden-brown hair was cut to just below shoulder length, though on the day he met her, she had worn it tied back in a sporty ponytail, accentuating her small, perfectly-shaped pierced ears. It was a look that John especially liked. Her face was a thing of wonder to John, a thing in which he could find no flaw. Her dainty, well-formed chin gave way to full, almost pouty lips and a beautiful nose that appeared to have been sculpted onto her face by some brilliant artist. Above her nose lay the large, wide-set, deep-brown eyes that gave him a chill when they met his own.


John had been shocked out of a reverie the first time she spoke to him. With a smile, she told him that she needed to order reams of letterhead, stationary and business cards for her budding business in the optical industry. John noticed, in that smile, the only "imperfection" he could find, her teeth were slightly crooked and she had a hint of an overbite. Rather than being turned off, John had been charmed. It was just such tiny flaws in perfect beauty that he found devastatingly attractive, and quite possibly the root of his fascination with women who wore braces, an obsession of his since his late teens. He longed for a woman with braces, but, being in his late twenties, had pretty much given up on the possibility. Women his age seldom wore them, a fact which disheartened him.


Running off her print order only took two days, but it was a full four days before he called her to tell her that it was ready. He had puzzled and puzzled about how he should approach her, outside the business context. After four days, though, his nervousness had grown to the point where he couldn't think of any way to approach her that wouldn't make him seem like either a hopeless geek or a bizarre stalker.


When he called her, she told him that she would be right over as soon as her dental appointment was over. When she arrived, she stormed into the store in what seemed like an extreme state of agitation. He didn't ask her what was the matter, but hoped that it was nothing he had done...but, then again, her order had come out perfectly. She laid her large bag on the counter and dug for a credit card to pay the balance on her order. Out of the bag slid a well-thumbed copy of Shakespeare's "King Lear."


Suddenly emboldened, John asked Kelly if she was a Shakespeare fan. She allowed that she was, with a hint of a slightly crooked-toothed grin. John told her that he was, too, and asked her she would like to go to the outdoor Shakespeare production that weekend, it wasn't "King Lear," but "MacBeth" was pretty good. After a long moment's hesitation, Kelly accepted. She snatched one of her new business cards from the box marked "John's Speedy Printing Service" and jotted down her home number. She handed John the card with a broad smile. John walked on air the rest of the day.


The date went extremely well. The play was excellent; they sat on a blanket together and drank good wine and ate a variety of of finger foods that John had packed in a cooler. It was during their late dinner that Kelly brought it up. Perhaps the wine had loosened her tongue a bit, since she clearly uncomfortable with the topic.

"Tell me something, John," Kelly said with a bashful little grin and upraised eyebrows, "what's your opinion on adults wearing braces?"


John was instantly taken aback. What had she just asked? Here he was with a gorgeous woman, whose only fault he could find was that she didn't have braces, and she was asking him about them! Had she guessed his secret fantasy?

"Braces?" he answered noncommittally. "On teeth, you mean?"

"Yes..." Kelly prodded.

John's mind tumbled. He could scarcely believe this conversation. It seemed to him that Kelly wasn't asking this obscure question out of idle curiosity, either. Still, he felt as though caution was in order.

"Well, Kelly, if the treatment is necessary, and if someone can afford it, it's good, I guess. I imagine it does require a certain amount of confidence."

Kelly looked thoughtful for a moment, then said, "But how do you think they look? I mean, if you saw an attractive woman wearing braces, would you be turned off?"

John was about to explode! How could he tell her, without appearing to be some kind of freak, that he found braces incredibly erotic on a woman, and that he had felt that way since he was a teenager? How could he tell her that even talking to a woman about braces aroused him? How could he tell her that her that he desired nothing sexually so much as kissing and bedding a woman who wore braces? He glanced around the restaurant a trifle nervously.

He gulped and said, "Well...maybe I have a weird esthetic sense." She was looking him dead in the eye. "But I kinda like the look, myself."

Kelly's eyebrows went up again. "Really? Hmmm."

"Why do you ask?" John blurted, a little shakily.

Kelly let out a long breath. "Remember Tuesday, the day you asked me out, how angry I was?"

"Yes, of course I remember," he said with a grin, "I thought you were going to shout at me."

Kelly laughed. "I almost did! But then I realized I wasn't mad at you. I had just come from an orthodontist. My regular dentist referred me there." She paused and sighed again. "The orthodontist said I have some problems that are just cosmetic right now, but will cause some serious difficulties in the future."

"And he recommended braces?" John asked.

"It's a she," Kelly corrected, "But, yes, she recommended braces. Four years of them! John, I'm 28 years old. Can I walk around with braces until I'm 32? I don't know if I could deal with that. I'm pretty proud of my appearance."

"Kelly," John said, "I'm sure that men would still find you extremely attractive." He wanted to add, "Hell, I'd chase you 'till you dropped!" But he thought better of it.

They sat in silence for a bit and sipped more wine. "Well," she said, "there's no big hurry to decide, I guess."

The rest of the evening went very well. They talked about all sorts of things and found that they had quite a bit in common. Their conversation never drifted back to to the subject of braces.

Over the following six weeks, John and Kelly dated with increasing frequency. John occasionally tried, clumsily, to steer their conversations to the topic of orthodontics, particularly hers. But Kelly seemed uninterested in discussing it, so John had to be content with occasional late-night erotic fantasies about Kelly in braces.

Kelly also made clear that she was not ready for sex with John. Of course, John respected her wishes and never sexually pushed her further than she wanted. They kissed and hugged, and he had caressed her small, firm breasts several times. But she was resistant to anything beyond that. John felt a bit frustrated, but said nothing. Kelly sensed this, and begged his patience, and he could not resist her playful pleas for him to wait.

Sometimes John would dream about sex with Kelly, and always, she wore shiny silver braces. These were the most intensely erotic dreams John had ever experienced. His most recurrent dream had her atop him, riding him, moaning with pleasure while her braces glinted with the reflections of the moonlight that poured in his bedroom window. Alas, John would always wake before he climaxed, adding to his mounting sexual frustration. He wanted Kelly badly, braces or not! However, he thought, braces would make it even more delicious. He was beginning to give up hope of Kelly ever getting braces, though.

One afternoon, as John was closing his print shop, Kelly called. He was relieved that she had called, since he hadn't heard from her in almost a week.

"John," she said slowly over the phone, "would you like to come to my place tonight? I've got something I' to show you."

"Sure," John replied. "I'd love to. Should I bring anything?"

"Just yourself."

John closed the shop quickly and went home for a quick shower and a change of clothes. As he drove across town to Kelly's apartment, he wondered why she was being secretive. He guessed she just wanted company on a Friday night. John strode up to Kelly's door and rang the bell.

"Come on in, John," Kelly said from inside, "I'm in the living room."

John opened the unlocked door and stepped into the large, airy apartment. He walked down the hallway to the room. As he entered the living room, he saw Kelly. Her back was to him as she looked into a long mirror mounted on the wall.

"Hi," he said.


"Hi, John," Kelly replied, her back still turned to him. "Well, tell me what you think." She turned to face him.

He saw nothing different about her lovely features...until she smiled. When she did, she displayed a mouth full of metal brackets and wires. John's knees went weak and he felt an instantaneous rush of blood to his cock. "Whoa," was all he managed to utter.

"You don't like them. Shit," Kelly said with a frown, her shiny smile disappearing.

"No. No! I'm just surprised is all! I...I think you look great!"

"Are you sure?" she asked. "You're not bullshitting me?" She had a little trouble saying "bullshitting," which only served to make John weaker.

"Not at all, Kelly. I'm just...sort of speechless...I mean, you haven't mentioned braces since our first date."

"I know," Kelly replied. "I just didn't want to dwell on it too much. I was afraid I'd chicken out, and I knew I needed to do this. Why don't you sit down?"

John immediately flopped onto the couch, happy to be off his rubbery legs. Kelly sat right next to him, their legs touching from hips to knees. She looked at John. "So," she said, "have you ever kissed a woman with braces? Maybe in high school?"

"Nope, not me," he replied. "but, uhhh, I did develop some serious crushes on a couple of girls who wore them."

"Really? Well, that makes me feel a little better," Kelly said with a smile. She slipped her hand behind his head and gently pulled his lips to hers.

John felt an almost electric shock when their lips met. He tried to control his arousal, though not entirely successfully. His tongue softly probed out and met hers. She pulled back slightly. "Touch them with your tongue," she whispered, her eyes closed.

John did as she told him. Their lips touched again, then his tongue slid along the metal on her upper teeth, feeling each bracket in turn as his tongue moved slowly along her archwire. He did the same, slowly, delicately, along her lower teeth. He was not surprised at all by the fact that he was fully erect. Mercifully, Kelly hadn't yet noticed. The kiss lingered for several minutes while John's tongue explored every part of Kelly's enhanced mouth.

When the kiss finally ended, they both simply leaned back and exhaled deeply. They were both flushed. Kelly stood and returned to the mirror. John followed and stood behind her. He placed his hands on her slender hips.

"They really do look great, Kelly. And they feel pretty...erotic, too," John said. He bent his head to her neck and began to kiss while she studied her metallic smile in the mirror. She was growing slightly breathless from his lips caressing her neck.

"Erotic, huh?" she asked.

"Mmmm hmmm," John replied as he continued to kiss her neck, moving toward her collarbone. Silently, she guided his hands from her hips to her breasts. John could feel her nipples, hard and erect, beneath her blouse. She hadn't worn a bra.

"You want me, John." It was not a question, but a statement.

John lifted his head and met her eyes in the mirror's reflection. "Oh yes," he replied, allowing his erection to touch the small of her back for the first time. He felt her shudder with barely-contained excitement.

"John...there's one other thing I'd like to show you," Kelly said as she broke their embrace.

"Lead the way," John replied.

Kelly kissed him quickly and took his hand. She led him to her bedroom. He had been there before, but only to watch videos from her bed. She walked to her dresser and once again took a position before the mirror. He stood behind her and made sure she could feel how hard he was.

"The orthodontist also gave me this," she said as she reached into a drawer and produced a small blue pouch. She unzipped it and removed a facebow with a dangling cervical strap. John inhaled sharply at the sight of the arched piece of metal. This was more than he had even dared to dream! "I'm supposed to wear it at least-"

"Put it on," John interrupted. A quizzical expression passed over Kelly's face, but she complied. Just as the orthodontic assistant had shown her, she gently slipped the ends of the facebow into mouth until they met the tubes banded to her molars. John's hands stole to her breasts and gently played with her nipples. She moaned softly. Reaching under her ponytail, she connected the cervical strap to the facebow and immediately felt pressure being exerted on her upper jaw. John began to kiss her neck around the neckstrap and worked his way to her cheek, softly rubbing against the cool wire of the facebow. Kelly watched him in the mirror.

"Well," she said, her speech slightly altered by the foreign prongs now in her mouth, "your passion doesn't seem to be cooled." She smiled widely and thought for the first time that maybe the braces wouldn't be so bad. She turned to face John, who looked at her with a gaze of longing that she'd never seen on a man's face.

"Want to try to kiss me?" she asked. Wordlessly, John leaned in and put his lips around the facebow. Kelly stretched her lips to meet his. Their lips barely touched, but both of their tongues slid swiftly out and met, snaking around the wet wire of the facebow. Kelly was really beginning to enjoy it, and John was almost losing control. She pressed her small hand against the bulge in his jeans.

"There's one more thing I'd like to try, John," Kelly said as he moved to kiss her neck again. His hands unbuttoned her blouse and slipped inside her open shirt, caressing her bare breasts. She began to unbutton his jeans. His erection was enormous. She slid his underwear down with his pants, and dropped to her knees. Opening her mouth wide, she slowly slid his cock into her mouth.

John nearly came as he felt the cool wire of the facebow brush the top of his member, but he wanted this to last a long time, so he held out with a great effort of will. Kelly's lips managed to close around both the prongs of her facebow and John's swollen cock; she pumped his shaft with her hand as she slid her lips up and down on the head. Her tongue rubbed the underside of his erection as the wire of the facebow rubbed along the top. The friction was fantastic. It was the greatest blow job, by far, of John's life, and Kelly could tell, by his reactions to her movements. She slid her hand into her panties, had John unsnapped her jeans, too?--and began to play with her clit. She was getting wetter by the second. Finally she realized that John could take no more without coming in her mouth. She stood and smiled at John, still playing with herself. She dropped her jeans to the floor and stepped out of them, along with her panties.

John kicked off his shoes and quickly slipped off his pants and underwear. When he looked up, Kelly was sliding out of her blouse. He tore off his shirt, not noticing the two buttons that popped off. He looked at Kelly in all her naked glory. She pulled her ponytail down and her hair cascaded down over her shoulders.

"John, I need you inside," Kelly whispered. She spun to face the mirror once again, placing her hands atop the dresser and spreading her legs. "Please..." she begged. John needed no more prodding. He stepped close to her and with his hand guided his cock to her wetness. He watched her face in the mirror as he pushed deep into her. She closed her eyes and let out a soft gasp. He began to pump in and out of her slowly. She groaned with pleasure and her hands reached back to his hips. She arched her back so that her shoulders touched his chest. As she turned her hed to the side, her facebow touched his pectoral muscle. "Oh, God, John..."

John continued to watch in the mirror as he pumped into her, with ever- increasing speed. She took his hands and moved them from her hips to her breasts. He toyed with her nipples; they became hard as rocks almost instantly and she moaned loudly in sensual response. He was transfixed by the sight of her in the mirror, her mouth open, gasping, her braces shining, her facebow glinting in the light thrown by the bedside lamp. Still cupping her breasts, he pulled her back to him, his cock sliding out of her. She turned to face him. His hands moved to her petite ass, and in one deft motion he lifted her and placed her on the edge of the dresser. He slid between her legs and grabbed her hips. She reached between her legs, seized his reddened member and guided it into herself. They both sighed as John penetrated her to the base of his hardness.

Again they kissed around the cool, wet wire of her facebow. Kelly's hands held John's hips, guiding his repeated thrusts. John's hands fondled her small breasts, gently squeezing the hard brown nipples. She tilted her head back, looking at the ceiling, and exhaled deeply each time John pushed into her. "Oh my God, John," she said between breaths, "that feels so good!" His hands left her breasts and slid up to her cheeks. He ran his hands over her facebow, feeling the metal as it curved away from the tight neckstrap, around her delicate cheeks, past her lips and deep into her mouth. She sucked his fingers as they probed her mouth, feeling the prongs of the facebow where it connected to her molar tubes. He ran the tips of his fingers across her brackets and archwires. He loved the almost-jagged sensation of the metal under his fingers.

When he had finished exploring her mouth, he noticed her looking at him intently. He paused in his thrusting. "So?" she said.

"The headgear? I think its sexy as hell," he said. She flashed her silver smile and wrapped her legs around him tightly. John grabbed her little firm ass again and hoisted her up, holding her with both his arms and his cock. He carried her to the queen-sized bed and laid her down. Pulling his cock out of her, he stood and looked down at her delicious body. As he stared at her, one of her hands drifted to her pussy and she began to masturbate. Her other hand started to gently trace the lines of her facebow. Her tongue darted out occasionally and licked the wet silver wire of the facebow where it parted her lips. John began to stroke himself as he watched.

When he could resist no longer, John fell to his knees and buried his face in between her legs. Her hand moved aside for him and slid from her pussy to her breasts and caressed her nipples while John sucked on her clit. Kelly's hips started to thrust toward John's face. He looked up past her flat stomach to watch her reactions. One of her hands stayed at her breasts while the other still ran along the smooth metal of her facebow. Kelly finally came in a whirlwind of moans, wordless sounds and shortness of breath. John slid up from her pussy, licking her stomach and pausing to suck her nipples.

"Mmmmm..." Kelly moaned. "Yes...suck my tits, John." Her hips began to push toward him again. " me." He thrust deep into her and they both gasped in pleasure.

John couldn't believe his good fortune. As he again and again pushed himself into her warm, wet, tight hole, he couldn't help but look at her, her new braces gleaming and the wire that ran out of her mouth and around her face to meet the elastic strap the put firm pressure on her upper jaw. Suddenly, Kelly slipped out from under him, rolled him onto his back and mounted him.

"I'll give you a break, John," she said, the facebow again interfering with her speech slightly. "Let me fuck you for a while." She began to slide up and down on his throbbing cock as she sat on him, her legs spread around him. He reached up and roughly squeezed her breasts. She smiled down as she rode him. "So the braces aren't so bad, huh?" she asked him.

He paused for a moment and looked at her. The time was right. "Well...actually, Kelly...I..."

"You don't like it, do you?" she said as she pistoned up and down on him. "You can be honest."

"What I meant to that since I was young, oh, that feels great, since I was a teenager, I've had something...of a fetish. For women wearing braces...I hope you don't think that's, ohh, too weird...I just like all the metal...I don't know why."

Kelly had broken into a beaming smile. "Really? Well...I have my own little confession, John." She began to move a little faster on his cock. He closed his eyes and moaned. "I thought I'd hate getting the braces. But as they put the brackets on...I was getting a little hot. I even got a little wet. When I felt the pressure of the archwires, I got even hotter. Then they put the headgear on me! I walked out out of the office practically dripping! I was so turned on that I had to come home and masturbate."

"Jeez...Kelly...keep talking like that and I'll come right now." She began to bounce up and down on him roughly. He ached to explode inside her.

"Oh, you'll come. But not in my pussy. I want you to come on my braces." She rolled off him and slid down until her face was beside his moist cock. "Get on top of me, John." John straddled her, his cock laying between her high, firm little tits. "Okay, now...fuck my facebow," she said as she opened her mouth to his member.


John pushed himself under the wire of the facebow as Kelly's tongue met the underside of his cock. She ran her tongue firmly over the head, then closed her lips around it. The feeling of the twin prongs of her facebow on either side of his cock was driving John to a frenzy. Kelly could see that he was reaching the point of no return. She grabbed the shaft of his cock, pulling him from her mouth and began to jerk him off. His cock perhaps an inch from the front curve of her facebow, she held her mouth open so he could see the brackets and wires that ran through her mouth. She ran her tongue across the braces, enjoying the roughness. "Come on my braces, John!"

John's semen exploded all over her. He watched it spurt into her mouth, onto her braces and all over her facebow. Her tongue was covered in the warm white liquid. He came for what seemed like a full minute as she stroked him rhythmically. Her tongue worked hard at licking his juice from the brackets and wires that crossed her teeth., but she let a few drops remain on her facebow.

When he was finally spent, John looked down at Kelly. She gently wiped the remaining semen from the wire across her face. She smiled her metallic grin at him. "So," she said, "how was your first experience with a tingrin?"

"Can we do this every day?" John asked in response.