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The Mad Orthodontist

I guess I was one of the lucky ones. Thirty six suits were filed against Dr. Reilly for malpractice, including mine. It was a messy trial. Dr. Reilly was declared mentally incompetent and was sentenced to psychiatric treatment and payment of four million dollars for damages and compensation to his former patients. Unable to cope, he committed suicide and the court awarded small payments to the patients with the few assets that he had.


Dolly, one of his patients was a cute blond with big breasts, about 25 years old. Dr. Reilly had moved her incisors to the front of her mouth, giving her the appearance of Lady Dracula. Her mouth was still with full bands, and Dr. Reilly had made her use a modified face mask for three years filling her mouth with needless elastics. When she testified in court, she said that he had threaten to wire in the facemask is she didn't use it for at least 16 hours a day. She wore the facemask to court to show all the elastics and gear she had to wear. She mentioned that she even had lost her fiancee because of the contraption.

John's case was more severe. He was one of the last patients to start treatment. Dr. Reilly had extracted the first and second bicuspids on both sides. To compensate for the extra space, his teeth had been pushed to the back of his mouth, giving him the appearance that he didn't have any teeth at all. Even his speech was garbled because his teeth pointed to the back of his mouth. He was still wearing brackets when he appeared in court.

Jenny's case was pathetic. She was 15 years old at the start of her treatment, a very cute teenager. When she started treatment, Dr. Reilly said she needed elastics to pull her teeth together since she had gaps between them. She made her connect every upper tooth with the same bottom tooth with very tight elastics. She had been almost gagged for the best part of two years. She had lost three boyfriends, she said, because her speech was not clear due to the rubber bands. I tend to think that she lost the boyfriends because she could not be kissed. To make matters worse, the elastics were placed in such a way, that the teeth had not moved at all! She was right where she started.

As for myself, I am 35 years old and Dr. Reilly was very restrained in my treatment. I had ceramic brackets for two years in both my upper and lower teeth. I had crowded teeth, so he removed my first bicuspids only. Thank God! He moved my teeth in such a way that when he removed my braces I detected an overbite. He had actually given me another case of malocclusion! I was one of the lucky few that didn't have any permanent damage... or so I thought.

After the trial and the tragedy of his suicide, I decided to put everything behind. As a freelance writer I was free to move around and decided it was time to move on. I have never been married and have very few attachments. That's when I moved to Houston and the real story begins.

I rented an apartment not far from a nice neighborhood near the Westheimer Galleria area, a very nice, trendy neighborhood. I was making good money with my articles and stories, so money was not such a big deal. After about two months in Houston, I decided it was time to fix that overbite. I called a friend to ask if he new any reputable orthodontist in town and I was referred to McGuire & associates near the Galleria area. That was just fine with me so I set an appointment with Dr. Eileen McGuire, head orthodontist.

The office of McGuire & associates was beautifully decorated and very luxurious. I was starting to think that my treatment was going to cost me a lot more money that the meager settlement the court had given me with Dr. Reilly's assets. I arrived at 9:00am in the morning and was the first patient in. The receptionist was a beautiful woman about 30. She flashed a bright metallic smile at me when I got in and asked me if she could help me. I told her I had an appointment and in a very efficient manner she signed me in and told me to wait a few minutes for Dr. McGuire. The receptionist was very talkative and I felt attracted to her. She had regular metal brackets in the upper and lower teeth and seemed to be having treatment for an overbite, just like mine. This gave her a funny smile, because she could not fully close her mouth without showing the metallic shine of her brackets. She told me that Dr. McGuire had given her the treatment free of charge. I was beginning to wish for the same treatment when Dr. McGuire came in to welcome me.

She was about 5'7" or 5'8", approximately my age, very beautiful and had the cutest Texan drawl I have ever heard. I immediately felt very attracted to her. I tend to think that I am not bad looking myself, 6'1", 185 pounds, athletic built. She had beautiful breasts, maybe 36B or C and a gorgeous body. She was wearing a very light dress with a flower pattern to it. She didn't look like an orthodontist at all. Quite a difference from Dr. Reilly! I told her my story about Dr. Reilly and she mentioned that she knew all the details about the case, since it was in the "Ortho Grapevine" as she told me. She mentioned that Dr. Reilly had been fighting to keep his license for the best part of three years before the tragedy, because too many complaints had been filed.

She moved me to the patients chair and took a good look at my case. She said that unfortunately Dr. Reilly had converted a class I malocclusion to a class II Malocclusion, that was the overbite. In the process of debonding, my enamel had been damaged, probably caused by the use of the wrong kind of cement for the brackets. Permanent damage had been made to my teeth. She asked me if any of the other patients had trouble with debonding. I mentioned that Maria, the last patient he installed brackets, could not get the brackets removed by another orthodontist.

Then came the bad news. My treatment would probably last another two years repairing the damage that had been done. Furthermore, she could not use ceramic or transparent brackets because the enamel of my teeth had been severely damaged when Dr. Reilly removed my brackets, so if I was to go with the treatment, I would have to wear full bands. Since I had an overbite and no room, my treatment would probably include the use of a facebow for limited periods of time. She said this would probably be only at night. This I had to think over, so I told the orthodontist that I would call her when I made up my mind about the treatment.

I pondered the decision for several days. Finally I called Dr. McGuire and told her that I would go ahead with the treatment. I figure I had nothing to loose. I was a freelance writer, single, most of my relationships with clients was through Internet anyway, and I was by choice a solitaire. No one would notice my braces and no one would really care. The initial appointment to install separators could be done immediately. The separators would provide enough space for the bands to go around each tooth. I was not thrilled by this, but I went ahead with it.

The separators started hurting immediately. The appointment was set for a Friday at 9:00am, eight days after the separators were put in. The doctor told me that I would be in a bit of pain for a couple of days. I was on Tylenol for most of the eight days. Thursday morning, Dr. McGuire called to see if she could see me that afternoon instead of Friday morning. Since I had no appointments I agree to meet her at 5:30pm. When I arrived, the clinic was deserted. The cute receptionist was not in, but the door to the doctor's office was open, so I went in.

Dr. McGuire was ready for me, with a white doctor's coat and a mask. I sat at the patient's chair and she expeditiously started installing the bands. The separators were removed and she started fitting the bands. She used some kind of a hammer to adjust each band individually, trying and adjusting one by one. Finally she cemented the bands for my upper teeth. I could taste the cement and it wasn't nice. Then came the turn of the lower teeth, proceeding exactly the same way. The archwire and ligatures were installed and I immediately felt the pressure being applied to my teeth. I touched my teeth with my tongue, feeling all the metal around the teeth and feeling the archwire and ligatures. The brackets were larger than I thought and I could feel something sticking out of each bracket. With all that metal, I had to make an effort to keep my lips closed.

She ordered me to relax for a few minutes and to close my eyes. She said that with a very seductive and intriguing voice. As I closed my eyes, she started tying my arms to the chair while caressing my face. She told me not to open my eyes, that she had a delightful surprise for me.

I was really getting exited in spite of the pain that I was beginning to feel. When I opened my eyes, Dr. McGuire was almost naked, with a very tight black corset, very high heel, black leather boots. She was gorgeous, and the tight corset made her look even more sexy. She removed her mask and smile seductively, showing a mouthful of golden brackets. She looked incredibly beautiful and seductive. I was shocked and turned on by her sight.

She unzipped my pants and started caressing my penis. It immediately got hard. I was really turned on by now! "I have something very special for you," she said. As she said this, she inserted two little elastics from her upper canines to the lower ones. She opened her mouth wide to feel the pressure. I was going crazy! Then she took a facebow and inserted the wires into her molar tubes and proceeded to install the cervical headgear. I had never seen anything like this in my life!

She took my penis into her mouth and I could feel the cool wire touching my skin. It felt incredible! When she introduce my penis inside her mouth, I could feel the elastics tightening around my member. What an incredible sensation when she started sucking my dick! I could feel the pressure of the elastics around my penis. It was the most amazing blow job I have ever felt!

Then she started caressing my penis with her hands and smiling. I got another erection almost immediately. She put my penis inside her and began moving rhythmically. I was in an incredible frenzy, close to orgasm. She suddenly stopped and asked me to open my mouth with my jaws together. As I obliged, she crisscrossed several elastics over my brackets with amazing speed. The elastics were so tight, I could only mumble: "aat are you oooing?" She said it would speed my treatment and cut the time in half. I could open my mouth only a tiny fraction of an inch and could feel with my tongue all that rubber.

Then she inserted a facebow to molar tubes in my upper molars that she had installed previously. She connected the facebow to a highpull headgear. I thought my mouth was going to explode with all that hardware. I could no longer keep my lips together, even if I tried. She ordered me to open my mouth again and she connected something to the thick wire of the facebow. I was still inside her, very hard and she kept moving rhythmically, she stopped and started again. For some reason, everything she was doing to me felt incredibly erotic and I was at an amazing level or arousal.

She wasn't finished. She inserted a second face bow and attached it to my lower molar tubes and proceeded to connect the wire to a cervical headgear behind my neck. I must have looked like a duck, because whenever I moved the muscles of my mouth, both facebows moved together. I didn't know what to do.

When she was done she started kissing me. Her tongue caressed the wires of my facebows, and gently went over the brackets and the elastics in my mouth. She carefully introduced her facebow between mine and touched my elastics. With my tongue I barely could feel the cool wire of her facebow between my own wires and my elastics. She started moving again, faster and faster. She started violently moving and I finally came to the most incredible orgasm of my life! As I reached orgasm, I violently opened my mouth, pulling all the elastics and feeling an incredible pressure on my teeth, enhancing my own climax.

She fell on top of me while still tied to the chair and we both fell asleep for a while. We must have been at it for at least two hours. It must have been around ten at night when I woke up. I was free from my bonds and Dr. McGuire was nowhere to be found. The only clue as to what happened was a note I found telling me not to remove the elastics, to lock the door behind me and to show up for my appointment the next morning.

I rushed to a mirror to look at what had been done to my mouth. My lips were open, two facebows sere sticking out of my mouth. As I struggle to open my mouth between all the wires coming out , I could hardly see my teeth. All my teeth were covered with metal bands and heavy brackets. Each band had a small hook with a rounded point sticking upward in my upper teeth and downward in my lower teeth. All brackets were connected with a very thick archwire. She had used the metal rounded hooks to crisscross my brackets with elastics. I counted at least eight different ones. I tried to remove both facebows, because they were really hurting. I could only remove the lower facebow. It seems the upper facebow had been wired to the molar tubes. What a transformation! I looked like a geek from some cheap science fiction movie with all that metal. That was definitely not the type of treatment Dr. McGuire had talked about!

I went home excited about what had happened. This was new to me. I don't consider myself a "Don Juan", but I had actually made love to a beautiful woman in a very weird manner. I spent the rest of the night taking Tylenol, wishing I was sleeping with Dr. McGuire. I could not take her out of my mind the sight of her in her tight black corset, seductive smile with golden brackets, elastics and facebow... I couldn't sleep much anyway because my teeth really hurt and the facebows bothered me quite a lot.

I showed up early to my 9:00am appointment. Debby , the receptionist stared in disbelief at my two facebows and all the elastics. She asked me what had happened and I told her I was with Dr. McGuire the day before. She mumbled something about her using a facemask, but quickly disappear into Dr. McGuire's Office.

I was asked into the doctor's office right away. She acted surprised to see me. I took a good look at my seductress. She was indeed a beautiful woman. I kept seeing her in my mind with the tight corset, even though she was wearing a blue dress and a white doctor's coat. She greeted me warmly, but I immediately sensed that there was something wrong. She smiled at me and I noticed that she wasn't wearing any braces this morning.

"I think you have met my twin sister Erica" she said. "You see, she is also an orthodontist and her treatments are a bit different than mine." And with that, a new chapter in my life had been opened. I had moved from a mad orthodontist to one with nymphomania!

Dr. Eileen McGuire was very careful to explain in detail what her sister had done. She explained that her sister was top of her class in college and one of the top rated orthodontists in the country. She had published several articles regarding the speed of treatment and combination therapy. The problem was that her treatment was designed to obtain results in the shortest possible time. The combination of headgear and elastics was sometimes very uncomfortable, but was design to get the teeth to move as soon as possible. She asked me if I would prefer a slower treatment with her or continue as Dr. Erica McGuire's patient. I could not take my mind off yesterday's adventure and I told her that I would stay as her sister's patient.

I told Dr. McGuire that I hadn't had any solid food since yesterday, since her sister had to leave "in a hurry", and I had been the whole time wearing the double facebows and the elastics. She showed me how to take off the lower facebow and the elastics and how to put them on again, and gave me a small, plastic bag full of elastics. She told me to change the elastics twice a day. I removed the lower facebow and immediately felt the pressure on my teeth decreasing. I took off the eight elastics and for the first time in 14 hours I was able to open my mouth. I opened and closed my mouth with relief.

After a few minutes, the doctor made me put everything back on. It was very difficult because the wired-in facebow made it hard to place the elastics. I had one elastic for each front tooth, one for the canines, and one from the upper canines to the molar band, eight in all, and each elastic crisscrossed from one band to the next. It looked worst than a spider's web. The doctor said I had to be back in a week and that the receptionist would take care of that. She politely showed me to the door.

Debby, the cute receptionist asked how I was doing. I told her that I was in pain, but ok. She said that "Dr. Erica" as she called her, was treating her, and that for her treatment she had to wear a facemask for 16 hours a day. The facemask had been originally designed for both upper and lower teeth and had so many elastics that it took her ten full minutes to properly fit it. Dr. Erica told her that with that appliance, her treatment would last only ten months, instead of two years. She gave me the appointment for Friday at 5:30pm. I couldn't wait to see "Dr. Erica" again.

I spent the rest of the week in solitude, researching and writing an article regarding the impact of old age on the baby boom generation. I received acceptance for several other articles for Family Circle and Reader's Digest. I was quite happy with my work. The pain subsided in four days as my teeth got used to the pressure. The only trouble I had was that my speech was totally garbled and having a phone conversation was really hard. When I went to the supermarket I had a terrible time at the cashier. Before going in, I removed my lower facebow, but decided that taking off the elastics was too much trouble. I couldn't think of anything else but my appointment on Friday with Dr. Erica.

Friday arrived and I was fifteen minutes early for my appointment. Debby, the receptionist was nowhere to be found. The orthodontist was waiting for me in much the same manner as the first time, in a white coat and a mask. Dr. Erica acted as professionally as her sister. It looked like nothing had happened. She examined all her work and said that the teeth had started to move. She removed the elastics, asked me if I was changing them at least twice a day. I told her that I was very disciplined with that sort of thing. She checked the upper facebow, checking the tension in the wire, and removed the highpull headgear straps. The facebow was, of course, still wired-in. She removed the lower facebow and made some adjustments to it.

After that, she told me to open my mouth as wide as possible and proceeded to insert a palatal expander or separator to help make some room. The separator had a small screw, and she proceeded to tighten it. As she did that, I immediately felt the pressure on my upper jaw. She did the same thing with a separator for the lower jaw and heard a snap.

She said she had designed the device as a jaw expander. Once it was in, the only way to remove it was when the jaw adjusted to its designed position. I was to turn the small screw one full turn every day. She gave me a special tool to do it. The plastic and metal felt weird to my tongue. I explored it and found the small screw. I could feel the smooth plastic everywhere.

She then proceeded to change my elastics, but this time, the elastics were softer and I could open my mouth about half an inch. The elastics were hooked individually, without crisscrossing to other brackets. My speech was much better.

She then inserted the lower facebow and now attached both facebows to a highpull headstrap. She change the elastic within the strap and I immediately felt the adjustments. The force it now exerted was twice of what it was before and I felt that the angle of the wires had changed. My heart was pounding with excitement! I could hardly wait...She suddenly changed the tone of her voice, removed the mask with a big smile showing her golden brackets. She inserted in her own mouth two elastics from the top canine to the lower canine on each side and from the canine to the molar band and opened her mouth right in front of me.

She removed her blouse showing her gorgeous breasts and unzipped her skirt. She was wearing a tiny G-string with a girdle and white panties. She came closer to the chair and started playing with the controls, lowering my head. She teasingly inserted her own facebow in her molar tubes opening her mouth very wide for me to see the elastics and jumped on top of me. I could feel my cock getting hard inside my pants as she kissed me.

She touched with her tongue my facebows and inserted her own between my lower and upper facebow. I could get my tongue between my elastics to touch her facebow, and as she pressed her face closer to mine, our tongues actually touched. She caressed my elastics as I did to hers. I tried to insert my tongue inside her mouth, but our facebows would not let me. All I could reach were her elastics. I as feeling incredibly aroused.

She unzipped my pants and helped me to take them off. She took off my briefs kissing and caressing everywhere. I tried to kiss her gorgeous breasts, but my facebows got in the way. I then realized that I could gently pinch her nipples between my facebows. She almost climaxed when she felt the cool metal on her nipples, and my tongue barely touching her skin. I gently massaged her breast with one hand while searching for her G-string. It came off with ease.

I found a very wet pussy and inserted two fingers caressing her parts. She suddenly changed places and don't ask me how, but on the patient's chair, she was able to sit on my face making a 69. I could feel her facebow touching the skin of my penis. She then inserted my cock in her mouth and the touch of her elastics almost made me cum. She started playing with my dick inside her mouth.

At the same time I was trying to lick her pussy. I realized that tilting my head I was able to insert both facebows inside her and to touch her pussy with the tip of my tongue sticking it out between my elastics. She was moaning uncontrollably. Her juices were flowing. We finally exploded into each other. We just lay there for a few minutes catching our breath.

I had never experienced anything like it! This gorgeous woman was a sex machine. She got up and sat on top of me. She started gently caressing my penis and smiling seductively at me. She would show me all her brackets, elastics and facebow. She inserted my penis inside her and started placing elastics on all her brackets looking at me. At the same time she started fumbling with the controls of the patient's chair and I was now almost in a seating position facing her. This got me incredibly horny again. She started her dancing motions, up and down. I started kissing and massaging her breasts and pinching her nipples with my facebows. We both came at the same time with a wild moan!

She placed the chair in a horizontal position and we dosed off for a while. Fifteen minutes later she left with "see you next Friday, same time." I was bewildered... I got up and went to the mirror to see the damage. I made my inventory: two facebows, one upper, one lower, now attached to the same strap and hurting like hell; eight elastics, two palatal expanders, full bands and one huge headache. How much more hardware can you have?

I went home dreaming about Erica...and my next appointment.

I had learned certain tricks of the trade in the past two weeks. With the two facebows and the eight elastics, there was no way to get any food or drink. I got used to carrying a spare straw with me all the time. It was funny to drink coffee from a straw, but there was no other way. As for solid foods, I had to remove my lower facebow, then remove all eight elastics and then, with a long and deep spoon I could have some real food without spilling it.

I began to enjoy going out again. I had been a virtual recluse the first two weeks. A lot of people would stare, specially at the supermarket, but I paid no attention. I began to notice something else. A lot of ladies started spontaneous conversations with me. I was beginning to think that they were turned on by all the hardware. I even got a couple of phone numbers one night that I went out for a drink.

The separators that "Dr. Erica" had installed were really painful. I was beginning to think that she enjoyed my pain. I had to turn the two little screws once a day. I did it at night the first couple of days, but I couldn't sleep, so I decided to do it each morning before breakfast. After turning the little screws, breakfast was out of the question, so I opted for drinking a glass of milk with my straw.

It took me almost fifteen minutes to get ready every morning. I had to remove my lower facebow. Then, I had to remove the eight elastics. I would brush my teeth, which took about ten minutes, and then I would turn the damn little screws. The pressure would start immediately. I would follow installing the eight elastics, then the lower facebow and then the highpull strap. After that, two aspirins and I was ready.

After my experiences with "Dr. Erica" I began doing some research regarding her treatment. I found several articles that she had written for the American Orthodontists Association and the Journal of Orthodontics. Her theory was that the initial stage of adult treatment was crucial, since adult teeth are much more difficult to move. She recommended what she called "shock therapy", which consisted on applying constant pressure to the teeth by the combination of external and internal forces. Internal force could be created by the use of "intelligent metal" archwires and elastics, and external forces could be applied by using facebows and facemasks. As I extended my research I began to understand my treatment. One of the drawbacks of her theory was the constant pressure and pain, which I was experiencing.

I arrived at the doctor's office early. I greeted Debby, the cute receptionist. She was facing the wall and as she turned I noticed that she had a facemask on and was crying. I asked her what her problem was and she told me that Dr. Erica had installed a timing device in her facemask and discovered that Debby was not wearing the appliance the 16 hours she had recommended. As Dr. Erica was very strict, she had told Debby that either she allowed the facemask to be wired in, or she would stop the treatment immediately. Debby was sobbing all the time, telling me that she couldn't afford treatment and since Dr. Erica was giving it to her free of charge, she had to oblige.

She garbled all this, since the facemask had elastics coming out of each bracket in her mouth, in both the upper and lower teeth. I took a good look at the appliance. It had a head band about 1.5 inches wide going around her head, two thick wires coming down on each side of her face to a chin cup, and two wires crossing in front of her mouth, instead of one. I had read in Dr. Erica's articles that this contraption was used to exert outside pressure on the teeth to increase speed of movement, but it was really painful.

As I was day dreaming about how to make love to Debby, Dr. Erica greeted me. As usual, she was very professional in her manner and asked me to the patient's chair. My heart started pounding at the thought of what was yet to come. As usual, she was wearing a white coat and a mask. She started examining my teeth, and said that she was pleased with the results.

She started by removing my lower facebow, then the elastics. She then made me open my mouth very wide and took a good look at the separators. She said that the separators would have to stay in for another three months, at least. I asked her about the elastics, and she said that if they really bother me, she could modify treatment to exert pressure from another direction. I told her that I had trouble getting solid food and that it was too much work to change eight elastics twice a day.

She proceeded to remove all the ligatures because she was going to change the archwires. She went into the other room and I went to look at myself in the mirror. I was able to see much of my mouth for the first time in weeks. I felt the separators with my tongue and touched the bands around each tooth. The brackets felt really sharp without the archwires.

When she came in, she said she had designed special archwires with "intelligent metal alloys". Since I had done my homework, I knew that these special alloys have memory. They have the ability to remember their shape and thus can exert constant pressure on the teeth as they return to their designed position. She told me that the archwires were designed to return to their original shape when warm, and as they are introduced in the mouth, the temperature and saliva make them start to move.

Once again, she gave me a very seductive look. She asked me to close my eyes and as was the last time, when I opened them, she was wearing nothing but a very tight white corset with laces all the way to her ankles and an opening at her crutch. Her waist must have been about 19 inches. She looked incredibly sexy.

She sat on top of me, showing me the new archwire she had designed. It was made of a very thick metal and had a lot of small loops that fitted between brackets. She inserted a very thick elastic for every loop and inserted the archwire for my upper teeth. The wire was very cold. She used metal ligatures this time to connect the brackets to the archwire, and I could feel the ligature wire in my mouth. She used another wire to connect several brackets together. She then pulled all the elastics from the loops and connected half of them to one of my molar bands and the other half to the other molar band in the other side of my mouth. I had nine loops, and ten elastics now connected in my upper jaw alone ! I immediately felt the pressure of the "intelligent archwire" as the wire began to get warm and the elastics started to exert pressure. The elastics were specially fabricated to last for up to 30 days without losing their elasticity and I wouldn't need to change them twice a day. The pressure in my mouth was building.

I wasn't paying much attention to the pain. I took the opportunity to fondle her gorgeous breasts while she was inserting the first archwire. She then unzipped my pants and inserted my very hard penis inside her. She was moaning with pleasure as she connected all her golden brackets with elastics from the top teeth to their corresponding lower teeth. She flashed her golden braces and elastics teasingly as she moved rhythmically.

She stopped moving and showed me the other archwire for my lower jaw. It was exactly like the first one, with a number of small loops and two hooks with rounded points pointing downward. She inserted the elastics in the loops and the cold wire in the brackets and molar bands. She used wire for ligatures and connected all the brackets to the archwire and then extended half of the elastics to connect to the molar band on each side as had been done with the upper archwire. I counted ten elastics for my bottom teeth. She then used two more elastics to connect from the little hooks to the upper molar bands and two more to connect from the archwire hooks to the canine upper brackets. I now had 24 elastics, two "intelligent archwires" and a throbbing pain in my mouth.

She started moving rhythmically again and when I was about to come, she would suddenly stop, relax for a few minutes and then start again. I was losing my mind ! She now inserted her facebow, but this time she connected her facebow to a highpull head strap, instead of the cervical head strap she had been using. She then connected my lower facebow to my own highpull headstrap. I was ready for anything now.

She stopped suddenly and took another facebow from her tray and inserted the wires to molar tubes in her own lower jaw. She had a double facebow like mine. She connected both facebows to the elastic in the strap and tried kissing me. I tried to do the same, but our facebows simply would not allow it. She kept moving up and down and I would pinch her nipples between the two facebows. We finally came in a glorious climax ! I had never had an orgasm like that in my life.

After we relaxed for a few minutes, she invited me over to her house for dinner. It was actually only soup with a straw, but everything else was wonderful...and part of the next story...

Her apartment turned out to be located a few blocks from mine. It was very tastefully decorated, almost conservative in its style. I had the perception that Erica was very exotic in her tastes, which of course proved me wrong. It opened into a very ample foyer followed by a dining-living room very well proportioned. There were two very comfortable sofas and a Chinese coffee table. The lighting was very gentle, emphasizing several paintings on the wall.

We sat down in the living room after opening a bottle of white German wine. She turned her stereo on to very romantic music. This woman was a real mystery. It was almost as if she had several personalities. She brought two straws so that we could drink the wine. We were both wearing two facebows each.

She started telling me about her life. She was born into a wealthy Texan family. Went to the best schools and always had a passion for orthodontics. As a little girl, she would draw braces on all her dolls. She told me that she had braces when she was 16 until she was 20, because she had a problem with her jaw. At the time, she had to wear full bands and two facebows, and her treatment was very long. She would often be teased in school, and that's when she decided to study to be an orthodontist.

She spoke softly, seductively. She whispered :" let me get into something more comfortable. This corset is killing me !" and she left me there. I went to the mirror in the living room to take a look at my mouth. I was wearing two facebows, and about 20 elastics. I could feel all the rubber with my tongue. The elastics were connected from the hooks of my "intelligent nickel-titanium archwires" to the molar bands. It wasn't as bad as having all the brackets from the upper teeth connected to all the brackets in the lower teeth with elastics. At least now I could stick my tongue out. My teeth were really in pain. She had done something to the palatal separators. I opened my mouth and moved my jaw and watched as the two facebows moved. I looked like a duck.

"How about a bowl of soup ?" she said, coming into the living room. My jaw dropped in amazement. "What's the matter ? You haven't seen a woman in her underwear before ?"

Before me stood the most incredible woman I had ever seen. She was beautiful ! She was wearing a white English lace bustier, a garter belt with white silk stockings, and a tiny white lace bikini. To "cover" her up, she was wearing a transparent robe. She smile seductively showing me her mouth full of elastics and the two facebows. I could not get my eyes off of her. "Soup sounds find," I manage to mumble.

"Why do you wear braces ? You certainly don't need them !" I asked, trying to think of something else besides her sexy, beautiful body.

"It's part of my research regarding speed of treatment. I have to try out several systems before prescribing them to my patients. I have been on your treatment for two months, so you see, I know exactly what I am doing. I am ahead of you. I am also doing research for a new treatment with electromagnetic fields, so first I need to provoke a malocclusion on my teeth, and then I will use the new prototype I am developing to correct it. It's a lot of technical stuff that I don't want to bore you with. Let's talk about you. What do you do ?"

"I am a freelance writer for several magazines" I replied proudly. "I have had several of my articles published in magazines like Family Circle and Reader's Digest. My last article was about the impact of old people in the baby boom generation. It's the collapse of the social security system, you know ?"

"Doesn't sound like fun to me...soup is ready !" We sat down for a quiet talk over soup with a straw. "Why are you so turned on by braces ?" I had to confess that I didn't know. It was the first time I had realized that besides the beautiful woman she was, I was really turned on by her braces... and mine.

After soup, she took what was left of the German wine and took me to her bedroom. Her bed was light with candlelight and we immediately started kissing and caressing each other. Kissing was really hard. I tried sticking one of my facebows between hers and sticking my tongue out as far as it would go. The problem now was that she was now wearing a mouthful of elastics and she could not get her tongue out. I touched her facebows with my tongue teasingly and touched her tongue between her elastics. She managed to stick the tip of her tongue out, and that was as much of a kiss as we were going to get.

Her bed had four posts, and she whispered that she would like to be tied up. I took off her robe. There were four pieces of cloth beside the pillow and I proceeded to tie her up, very loosely and gently. Once she was tied up, I decided I was going to pay her with her own medicine. I told her to open her mouth, which she obediently did. I started taking off her elastics and installing them with a crisscross pattern attaching one elastic to several brackets, as she had first done to me the first time we met. Her mouth was shut by the pressure of the elastics and now she could only mumble. I took her bustier off, which opened up in the front. What splendid breasts she had ! I started caressing and kissing her breast. She was moaning with pleasure. I took her nipples between my facebows, gently pinching them. The cold metal against her skin was definitely turning her on.

I took her bikini off, leaving the garter belt and stockings on. I removed my lower facebow and began kissing her pussy. I could see that the cold metal of my facebow in her vagina was giving her enormous pleasure. I moved my head sideways, so that the facebow wire would touch as much of her pussy as possible. I could use my tongue now, since I had only 4 elastics from my lower teeth to my upper teeth, and I began licking her clitoris. She was going mad with pleasure. "lease...stop...go on...more !", she would mumble between the elastics. She finally came with a loud moan.

I inserted my lower facebow into the molar tubes again. I started gently massaging her breasts. I would lick and pinch her nipples between my facebows. I did the same to her labia and I felt her climax to the touch of the metal.

I took off my pants and brief and penetrated her. She moaned with pleasure ! I gave everything I had until we both climaxed. I untied her and we fell asleep and then I made love to her several times that night.

When I woke up, she was gone. Only a note was left behind : please come to my office tomorrow at 6 :00pm. I'll have a surprise for you... l really enjoyed last night. Love Erica PS. Lock the door after you.

I went home and took a shower. Since Erica had changed the elastics, I now could have solid food without having to take the elastics off. That was one of the few pleasures I had. I went to shave and took a long look at myself in the mirror. How much everything had change in only three weeks !

At 5 :30pm I went to Erica's office. Debby, the receptionist, was ready to leave. She looked weird with her facemask wired in and all the elastics coming out of her mouth. The mask had been wired in yesterday, and I asked her how it was. She mumbled that she wasn't able to sleep a wink. The facemask was really hard, and even though she had had it for some time, wired in was harder on her cheeks. She said the pain was really killing her. She felt that her jaw was going to break.

She had been on a liquid diet since yesterday. Since it took her almost 15 minutes to get the elastics off the hooks and since it had two metal bars, getting a spoon to her mouth was very difficult. As she showed me the intricate pattern of all the elastics I began to get a hard on. I noticed that all her teeth had bands around them, just like mine. Besides the elastic coming out to the facemask, she had several more crisscrossing from bracket to bracket. She was worse off than I was. She was really very cute, large round breasts and a tight little ass. I was fantasizing a little, when Erica came out.

"Please come in," she said in a very professional tone of voice. As usual, she looked very pretty, no facebows or elastics. I went in and sat in the patient's chair. "Please close your eyes," she said in a very seductive voice. I had my eyes closed and as she had done the first time, she tied my arms to the chair. She then covered my eyes with some kind of sleeping mask or blindfold.

She ordered me to open my mouth and she removed my lower facebow. She then took off the four elastics that went from my bottom teeth to my upper teeth. I felt pressure on my upper facebow and then heard a snap. She removed my upper facebow. "Open your mouth as much as you can." With that I felt something being connected between my right upper molar band to my lower second bicuspid. She did the same thing with the other side of my mouth. When she was finished, I couldn't close my mouth. My jaw had been jammed by something that to my tongue, felt like a metal bar of some kind. I couldn't see what she was doing and I felt really aroused. My pants were bulging !

After that, I felt the lower facebow being connected again, but since I couldn't close my mouth, it was very hard to tell. I felt a snap. Something felt different about this facebow. She installed several elastics again and then she connected the upper facebow. Again I felt the facebow snap into place. She then connected the facebows to the headgear, but it felt quite different. When the facebows were connected by the elastics to the straps , I almost fainted from the pain ! With my mouth wide open, the elastics fully extended and the pressure from the new facebows, I felt that my mouth was falling apart.

She finally removed my blindfold. I can't say that my jaw dropped in amazement, because it was already opened, but I saw this incredible woman dressed in a very tight , shiny, red PVC outfit from head to toes. The outfit was so tight, it looked like a second skin. I could only mumble at her. It went from her ankles to her neck. She was even wearing very tight gloves !

She did something to my mouth and released the metal bars so that I could finally close it. She connected her facebow to her upper molar bands and connected two elastics from bottom to top canines. "You know what's coming to you," she said teasingly and began changing the angle of the chair, lowering my head. She unzipped my pants and took out my cock and began playing with it with her gloved hands.

She then sat on my face, massaging her pussy with my new facebows. I tried touching her with my tongue, but my facebows prevented that. She seemed very contented with the wire because she began to move rhythmically. At the same time she started sucking my dick. I could feel the cold wire in my cock and as she sucked, the elastics in her mouth began pressuring my penis. She would start and when I was about to climax, she would stop and would tease me with her tongue. I was in pain, but in an ecstasy of pleasure ! She finally made me come.

My cock was still hard. She sucked it clean and sat on it. She made love to me for hours changing the angle of the chair. I was helplessly tied to it. It must have been about 9 :30 when she said she had finished with me. My jaws were in a throbbing pain. She untied me and explain to me what she had done.

My new headgear was made of two inch thick straps of leather. The first strap went from the back of my head to my forehead, and a second strap went from the top of my head to my chin. It had some type of a chin cup, but was not a facemask like Debby's. From the chin strap, there was another strap that went to the neck, and one connecting this one to the one going to my forehead. It had two huge plastic pieces shaped like a "C" behind each of my ears. From the plastic "C's", two huge elastics connected the "C's" with the facebows. The facebows were twice as thick as the other ones and had two loops on each side. The facebows stuck about two inches in front of my mouth.

The headgear and facebows had been designed by her and were a prototype. That's why they were made of leather. The wire in the facebows was heat activated nickel titanium and at room temperature react to restore their original shape. The two loops on each facebow were designed to amplify the external force being exerted on my teeth.

Since she was afraid of exerting too much pressure, she had installed a modified herbst from my molar bands to my second bicuspids on both sides. That was the metal bars that I felt with my tongue. The bars were designed to guide the forces of the facebows. The modified herbst had several "stations" where they could be fixed in place and would immobilize my jaw. She told me to open my mouth about half an inch, and she "fixed" the herbst. She told me that that was the ideal posture for my jaws and that she expected me to use it in that position as much as possible. I could release it to eat.

"The elastics are for fun," she said. "You can take them off or leave them on, as you wish. I almost forgot. The new facebows can't come off. They are designed with a time lock mechanism. When the wire gets to its design position it will release itself automatically. I am sorry but there was no other way !"

"Why are you ooing is oo me ?", I manage to mumble.

"Because you like it, because I like it and because it's good for you ! My original estimate is that I have shorten your treatment by almost four months already ! If you have too much pain, take Tylenol or aspirin. Since all your wires are heat activated, you can reduce the pressure with a cold drink. Don't forget the straw. Let's go home. It has been a long day and I still have plans for the night".

We reached Erica's apartment around 9 :30pm. My mouth was killing me. She went into the kitchen to get me something cold so that the heat-activated wires would lower the pressure on my teeth. I went to the bathroom and I almost flipped when I saw myself in the mirror. The headgear straps looked like a horse's harness. The two facebows stuck out of my mouth about two inches. If I looked like a duck before, now I was beginning to look like a horse. The facebow wire was really very thick and the loops looked funny. My lips were beginning to get blisters, because my mouth was fixed in a semi-open position and my lips were forced opened by the facebows.

I tried opening my mouth, but I couldn't without releasing the pin in the modified herbst. After releasing the pin, I opened my mouth as wide as I could. I was really in pain. I started playing with the facebows to see what kind of mechanism Erica had installed, but I couldn't release them. My palatal separators were also applying pressure, since Erica had started to give a turn and a half to the screw, instead of only one. All the elastics from the loops of my archwires were applying a lot of pressure to my teeth and my gums were sore. Erica had installed four additional elastics "for fun". I was in such pain, that I removed them. I had enough trouble as it was. I couldn't stand locking my jaw into its position again.

I was beginning to think that it was getting out of hand. I couldn't go out in public looking like a horse ! Not only that, but with the herbst fixing my jaw, I could hardly talk. The facebows were fixed in place. The separators could not come off. I had full bands and a mouth full of elastics.

I tried removing my headgear straps. I noticed a small lock at the back of my head. Actually I couldn't remove the straps without unlocking it ! I was now Erica's prisoner. This was beginning to piss me off. I need to have a serious conversation with my ortho.


I went back into the living room and there she was, a very tight black corset with 7 or 8 inch heels, a beautiful mask covering her eyes and looking like a dream. I saw a mischievous smile between her two facebows. I notices she had all her brackets crisscrossed by elastics. I had never seen anyone look as sexy and beautiful as her. She offered me a cold drink with a straw, which I immediately took.

The cold drink really helped with the pain. I took a long sip and began to feel drowsy. I must have dozed off or maybe Erica put something in my drink...I don't know. All I know is that when I woke up, I was totally naked in her bedroom and tied to the bed. I had an erection and Erica had placed a cock ring around my balls and penis. I could feel the intense pressure. I had never tried one of those before, but it was a very intense sensation. She was kissing me and playing with ice cubes on my body.

When I tried to talk, I found out that the herbst was fixed with my mouth closed. I could only mumble, "at happened ? y am I ere ? The door opened and Debby, the cute receptionist came in. She was equally fitted with a very tight white corset. Her breasts looked gorgeous and huge with the outfit. She was also wearing high heel boots above the knees and they were somehow connected to the corset. She had white gloves covering her hands and arms and of course, the wired-in facemask with all the elastics coming out of her mouth. She looked incredibly sexy.

Erica sat on my face, while Debby inserted my penis inside her. They were facing each other. Erica started moving rhythmically playing with my two facebows inside her vagina. Since I could not move my mouth, this was real torture. I could smell and feel her juices flowing as she moved rubbing her vagina against my face. Debby started moving rhythmically, and as my erection grew harder, the ring started applying pressure and pleasure to my member. Debby started massaging Erica's breasts and a symphony of moans of pleasure began to be heard.

It went on for hours. Since the ring prevented me from climaxing, they took turns at my dick, switching positions and massaging each other. My mouth started hurting again, and now my penis started hurting too ! I was tied up and couldn't do anything. Erica finally released her elastics and began giving me the blow job of my life. Debby sat on my face.

After three and a half hours, I finally came, and the three of us fell exhausted on top of each other. Erica finally released my penis and untied me. I was dead tired and in pain. They both fell asleep, one on each side. I couldn't sleep. Everything was new to me. I had never made love to two women at the same time...well, two women had never made love to me at the same time, and beautiful women too ! What a weird sensation ! I looked at Debby, resting peacefully at my side and began to wonder. I could see all the elastics and facemask from where I was. The wired-in facemask was horrible. The two parallel metal bars in front of her mouth were really awful. They stuck about two and a half inches in front of her mouth. Every teeth in her mouth was connected to the bars. Must be about 20 or more elastics. The two bars were connected to metal bars parallel to the side of her beautiful face and connected to the head strap. That was quite a contraption.

I took a look at Erica. What an incredible woman ! She was still wearing one of her two facebows. I looked at the facebow wire coming out or her sensuous mouth. What was it about braces that turned me on ? Why was I so attracted to this two beautiful women ? Was it our special interest in braces that made our making love so incredible ? ...I finally fell asleep.

I woke up about 7 :30 in the morning. Both women were gone. I found the same note as before telling me to lock up. I went home very confused to take a shower. As I saw myself in the mirror, I remembered I had a 10 :00am appointment with the editor of a new magazine for women. She had read some of my articles and wanted to talk to me about a regular column. I looked closely at the harness and the lock. There was no way I could take it off. I looked at the facebows and their mechanism. I couldn't figure it out. I saw my mouth full of elastics and bands and began to wonder if I should go to that appointment. The only thing that occurred to me was to place a paper bag with two holes for my eyes on top of my head !

At 10 :00am sharp I was talking to a receptionist. I had removed all the elastics that I could and had released the herbst. My speech was a lot better, but still I felt everyone staring at me in disbelief.

My appointment was with Dr. Mary T. Cook, editor in chief, a very attractive woman of about 45 or 46. She was very elegantly dressed and was very cordial in welcoming me, but I felt the stare of her eyes to all my hardware. I made no apologies and went straight to the point, trying to convince her on why she should give me her column. She listen very attentively and did not take her sight off my mouth ! I was beginning to feel very nervous. This was a very unique opportunity. For a free lance writer to get a regular column means a lot regarding a constant income. As I finished my speech and showed her my previous published articles she just said : "you are hired. You have a lot of courage to go out in public with all that hardware. You just have to tell me who your orthodontist is."

I told her about my treatment and why I had decided to go ahead with Dr. McGuire. She told me that she had thought about getting braces for many years because she had crooked teeth, but was too embarrassed to do it . We instantly became friends. I even called Erica's office to make an appointment for her. While I was on the phone, Debby reminded me that I had my own appointment in a week.

My first article was due in one week, so I decided to really work hard at it. I practically became a secluded monk. I worked on it practically 15 hours a day. That left little room for Erica or Debby. I really missed them. I called Erica about every two or three days. I complained about the lock on the harness and she told me that the facebow wires were so tight, that she thought I would get hurt if I released them from the straps. I was working so hard that I didn't notice that the pain was almost gone. I drank a lot of iced tea and that allowed me to concentrate on my work, but at the end of the week I was doing ok.

The article was a real success. When I met again with Dr. Cook, she was delighted to see me and approved the article immediately. She said that we were going to make a great team. The article was being published in next month's issue, which was to come out in two weeks. She needed my next article two weeks from now.

After leaving Dr. Cook, I went to my ortho's appointment. As usual, my appointment was at 6 :30pm. Debby was nowhere to be found. I walked in and saw Erica in her white coat and a mask and began wondering what she had in stock for me.

I sat in the patients chair. She asked me if I was fixing the herbst in position everyday. I told her that I did it most of the time, but that today was different because I had a very important appointment and told her abut Dr. Cook. She seemed very upset. She said that she needed to change some aspects of the treatment.

She removed the archwires with all the elastics. She said she was starting something very different. She used a thinner archwire this time with no loops, and inserted it in the upper brackets. Then she used another archwire and inserted it also in the upper brackets, and then a third archwire. She told me that my brackets had been specially designed to handle three archwires simultaneously. She proceeded to ligate them with thin wire, crisscrossing each archwire differently. She did the same for the lower brackets. She added spring coils instead of the elastics for certain teeth. I counted at least eight of them. The spring coils were to be permanently attached, and my mouth was to be fixed in the open position, not half an inch, but one full inch. Additionally, she added about six elastics, which I was to change three times a day. With my mouth open one inch, it was useless trying to talk . I could not vocalize at all. I started feeling the pain immediately. After all the hardware had been added, she told me to go home and have a cold drink. She said she was very busy and dismissed me.

You don't need to be a genius to figure out that she really was mad at me. I went home alone and in pain. When I got home, I took a look in the mirror. What a sad case ! A harness with a chin cup with two huge facebows, which I could not take off, palatal separators for upper and lower teeth, huge herbst, six coil springs from my lower canine to the molar band, both sides, upper canine to lower molar band, upper canines to lower canines and from the second bicuspids on top to the lower bicuspids, elastics for the rest of the front teeth. The three archwires looked weird. They were very thin, but apparently they put pressure in different parts of my mouth. I noticed all the ligature wire crisscrossing from different brackets to different archwires. It was worst than a spider web.

I released the fixed position of the herbst. My jaw was killing me and tried inserting a straw between coils and elastics. It was really difficult and I decided to remove all the elastics. I tried removing some of the coil springs, but the ligature wire held them in place. I worked on my article for a couple of hours and went to bed.

I woke up the next morning and I could not open my mouth ! It seemed like the muscles in my jaw had a spasm and it was shut tight. I was in pain ! I immediately called Erica to her apartment and mumbling, told her what was happening. She said that she would see me at her office immediately.

I arrived at her office around 6 :30am. She was waiting for me. As I sat down in the patient's chair and opened my mouth, she said : "you are not following instructions ! Your jaw went into a spasm due to unbalanced external and internal forces caused by the herbst not being in position and the elastics not being worn. I will give you a shot to relax the muscles and anesthetize your mouth. I must have passed out...

When I woke up, Dr. Eileen McGuire was smiling at me. No braces. That's how I could tell. She told me that she had finished installing the brackets and I was ready to go home. I was very confused. I went to look at myself in the mirror and she had installed ceramic brackets. I said : "what happened to the full bands and all the hardware ?"

"You must have been dreaming. The only thing you need for your treatment are ceramic brackets and you'll be through in six months. You have a very slight crowding of your teeth. Are your feeling all right ?"